Build Meaningful Life-Long Bonds With Your Family & Friends


We all pursue new skills. We learn to play a sport, shred a guitar, or master a martial art.
But we don’t think of the way we interact with others as a skill… But we should!


Push Reset

Step away from your everyday routines, play, laugh, and be inspired.

Build Bonds

Develop the skills to approach, build and maintain lasting relationships.

Overcome Obstacles

Take care of the conversations that feel impossible up until now.


You probably think that happiness comes from what you GET out of relationships and life… when in fact, this is the way to guarantee unhappiness regardless of your external successes.
Happiness comes from what you GIVE. How you interact, communicate, and show up for your family, friends, and those you love makes life meaningful.
If you want more connection, it’s vital to become better at communicating with them.
The quality of the relationships you have with the people around you dictates the quality of your life!
You must know how and where to spend your precious time and energy to make the most of these relationships.


Epic Man Trips is the opportunity to step away from your everyday routines, play your heart out, laugh your face off, create new bonds, be inspired, and learn how to create deep and fulfilling ties through effective communication and who you are as a man.
Here is where you’ll discover the roadmap to navigate current obstacles, practice high-stakes convos with zero judgment, and say what you really mean.  
Become the man your family and crew get excited to be with.


Drew and Chad have created something very special: an opportunity to make life-long bonds with other men, that will teach and encourage you to be the best man you can be. On top of that, the opportunity to play hard and seek true adventure in the outdoors ties everything together. Epic Man Trips is a gift. If you're yearning for connections and new perspectives on approaching life, I can't think of a better investment in yourself and your family.

Ben M.

I’m deeply grateful I stumbled upon this event. When I read what the trip was all about, I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect it was. It was like you created this retreat for my husband. It was not only exactly what he needed mentally & emotionally, but it also had the adrenaline pumping factor... without the physical aspect of it, I knew he wouldn't even consider it. I can already tell that something about him has shifted. Thank you for creating this masterpiece of a retreat, and thank you for helping my husband discover himself. The work you do is miraculous and life-changing!

Natasha A.

I was really looking forward to this trip in the weeks leading up to it but I had no idea what was in store for me and the other gents. This was a phenomenal trip! Drew and the crew were generous hosts, and Chad was a fearless leader in the introspective journey we all took. The food was fantastic (Thanks again Ralph!). The cabin we stayed in was incredible, and it was obvious that every moment and every detail was well thought out with giving us the best experience possible. Out on the trails, we took on mountains that were beautiful and challenging. In the cabin, we had conversations that were even more rugged and gratifying that have made an even bigger impact in my life. I can’t wait for the next one!

Troy B.

My experience of the epic man retreat was phenomenal. I was able to speak freely and openly amongst strangers who I knew were not going to be judgemental. Since the retreat, I have noticed that my conversations with the people I care about have been more real and meaningful. I have also been able to lean into challenging things rather than find ways around them to feel comfortable.

Zak C.


Get Your Heart Racing

Play and feel like a kid again through adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventures.

Learn to Truly Connect

Develop communication skills that will electrify your marriage and make you the coolest dad in town.

Join The Brotherhood

Make lasting bonds with epic men who will give you honest feedback and inspire you.


Let’s face it, most men don’t have any REAL amigos… 
Men they can be themselves with, talk about what matters and get honest feedback from.
It’s lonely.
Here you’ll surround yourself with the best men, learn the bullet-proof skills and hacks for creating unbreakable bonds, and finally know exactly what people really think of you.
These strategies will allow you to fuel the flames of passion with your wife, have fun with your kids, be comfortable in your own skin, and attract the best of friends. 
Welcome to the brotherhood!


11 years ago we started a film production business together. Bootstrapped it from the ground up. We worked hard to provide for our families… financially.
It grew faster than we could keep up. Unfortunately, in the excitement of all the hard work, travel, and success, our families got the leftovers.
Then, unknowingly at that time, we made the best decision of our lives. We hired a coach… Someone that could see our blindspots, help us communicate, and prioritize what mattered to us.
It wasn’t long after whipping our business into shape, and focusing on our families, that we decided to part ways. …Aaww 😔 
BUT not in a sad way! …Oh Yay! 👏🏼
It was entirely amicable and the perfect timing, because… well, let’s not spoil the ending.


I continued to run the production business, but was so grateful and impacted by the work we did with our coach that I wanted to help others do the same! He helped me be the man, husband, and father I knew I was capable of being.
I decided to start down the long road of training and practicing coaching work in communication, commitment, and impact. I quickly built a client roll of small business owners, and that eventually evolved into working with leadership teams of fortune 500 companies. This has required me to show up at a whole new level I didn’t even know was possible!
These experiences showed me that I’m meant to work with men in all their life roles.


I was called to a life of adventure! Not only for myself, but to help others find play, excitement, and adventure in their crazy, stressful lives. For me, recreation is not just about having fun… it’s vital, because it makes me a better man at work, in my community, and with my family.
I created and managed multiple adventure tour companies, from elite UTV experiences on a huge private course that I created from scratch to high-end backcountry motorcycle trips. I had a ton of fun and learned a lot about hosting unforgettable experiences.
But something was missing in all those ventures… none of it felt meaningful to me.


Cue the comeback music from Rocky… Ba Ba Bummm, Ba Ba Bummm…
One day we got to talking, both lamenting that we loved what we were doing, but things weren’t quite right…
Just then, the light bulb went off… 
We decided to bring the experiences of our journeys together to create this incredible experience we now call Epic Man Trips.



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