The Adventure Retreat for Determined Men



To be honest… this experience isn’t for everyone.
This ISN’T for you if…
-Excuses or blame is your go-to
-You’re always right
-Decision making is difficult
-Competition consumes you
-You are chronically depressed & complacent
-Complaints come easy & action is rare
This IS for you if…
-You’re decisive
-Radical ownership is sexy to you
-Relationships are your most valuable asset
-Time is your most precise resource
-Learning is a life long pursuit
-You understand the ripple effect of self-investment
So if this ISN’T for you, thanks for stopping by.✌️
If this IS for you, we need to chat… apply now! 



You’ve done a lot of hard work… You’ve come a long way.
You are more self-aware… Continually thinking about how you could be a better father and husband.
And even though you have come so far, you still feel there is more…
More depth, more love, more connection, more possibility… After all, life’s not over.
But how to continue? What’s the next step of evolution for a man like you? How do you bridge the gap from great to EPIC?
There is only one way… Surround yourself with other men on the same quest.
Epic Man Trips is the place to make this happen. It’s a playground for life. We take risks physically, mentally, and emotionally. We learn about ourselves and what’s available for us at a much deeper level than ever before. It’s truly epic.
If you’re ready to go from great to epic, apply now. 



Play Your Heart Out

Get your adrenaline pumping through bucket-list outdoor adventures.

Accelerate Your Growth

Gain new perspectives on how to deepen your relationships and impact.

Join The Brotherhood

Connect with men who will give you honest feedback and inspire you.


Drew and Chad have created something very special: an opportunity to make life-long bonds with other men; husbands, fathers, sons, brothers. Bonds that will teach and encourage you to be the best man you can be. On top of that, the opportunity to play hard and seek true adventure in the outdoors ties everything together. Epic Man Trips is a gift. If you're yearning for connections and new perspectives on approaching life, I can't think of a better investment in yourself and your family.

Ben M.

I’m deeply grateful I stumbled upon this event. When I read what the trip was all about, I couldn’t stop thinking about how perfect it was. It was like you created this retreat for my husband. It was not only exactly what he needed mentally & emotionally, but it also had the adrenaline pumping factor... without the physical aspect of it, I knew he wouldn't even consider it. I can already tell that something about him has shifted. Thank you for creating this masterpiece of a retreat, and thank you for helping my husband discover himself. The work you do is miraculous and life-changing!

Natasha A.

I was really looking forward to this trip in the weeks leading up to it but I had no idea what was in store for me and the other gents. This was a phenomenal trip! Drew and the crew were generous hosts, and Chad was a fearless leader in the introspective journey we all took. The food was fantastic (Thanks again Ralph!). The cabin we stayed in was incredible, and it was obvious that every moment and every detail was well thought out with giving us the best experience possible. Out on the trails, we took on mountains that were beautiful and challenging. In the cabin, we had conversations that were even more rugged and gratifying that have made an even bigger impact in my life. I can’t wait for the next one!

Troy B.

My experience of the epic man retreat was phenomenal. I was able to speak freely and openly amongst strangers who I knew were not going to be judgemental. Since the retreat, I have noticed that my conversations with the people I care about have been more real and meaningful. I have also been able to lean into challenging things rather than find ways around them to feel comfortable.

Zak C.


Whew, you made it this far…
Let’s face it, most men don’t have any TRUE friends. 
Men you can be real with, talk about what matters, and get honest feedback from. The pursuit of greatness can be lonely.
You need to spend time with other like-minded men who can be authentically open and transparent.
Here is where you’ll build unbreakable bonds that will give you the strength and insight needed to make life better than ever imagined…
Be inspired by their willingness to stand with you in the craziest of dreams and loftiest of ambition.
Welcome to the brotherhood!